PAYG – pay a clear fixed fee per hour. Onsite support or remote.

Pay up-front for a discounted block of time:

5 hours plus attract a 5% discount. Time does not expire and is accrued against a time sheet.

Monthly Support package per user / per server – for single/ duo and small office. Costs take into account full time v contracter support. Let’s chat.

Price per Project or per day after consulation. Our clients are inspiring and you are too, we look forward to doing business with you.

Whatever type of support you need, we’ll be happy to help

Got an awful internet emergency

Phones down and your provider is not helping

Transport is down and you need that urgent report

Clients are asking for proof of data security and you don’t know where to start

You’ve been there for years and you generally need an upgrade of your business environment

Lost your laptop and phone and don’t know where to turn – we can assist and protect you going forward