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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials certification is a government backed certification. Obtaining one proves you’ve undergone primary checks and provided evidence that you have taken steps to protect your company and client data from outside threats. A Cyber Essentials certificate is a must if you tender for any Government business.

We can help you prove you take your clients data security seriously and train your staff to be aware.

Increasingly our digitised world connects services and people for productivity and ease. We can help you secure your business against inside and outside threats. After Atom London has assisted you, you’ll have the certification to prove it.

With our help, you can give yourself an edge on your competitors.

We will guide you through the certification process, getting you up to scratch on your awareness of security, amending your network as neccessary and providing documentation for reference and evidence.

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We can recommend someone however, you can purchase the service from the provider of your choice. Make sure you’re not being charged more that the standard £300 for the certification!

Atom London will walk you through the areas you need to focus on, to get you secure. It needn’t be an arduous process, each business is different, large or small. We’ll charge you for the work done, conversations are free.

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