Cyber Essentials Security

Cyber Essentials Security Certification

What is it?

It’s a government backed scheme helping you to protect your organisation against a range of the most common cyber attacks. A guided set of questions pointing out the areas you can protect your data and organisation from common cyber attacks.

Why would you get certified?

Reassure customers that you are working to secure your IT against the growing threat of cyber attack, and therefore their data too.

It’s a great way to attract new business with the promise you have government and industry backed cyber security measures in place and take it seriously.

It shows you have a clear picture of your organisation’s level of security, mitigating against 80% of cyber threats.

Some Government contracts and tender processes require Cyber Essentials certification and more and more insurance agreements ask for proof of cyber security.

What does it cost to get certified?

Certification itself has a fixed cost, depending on how large your company is:

Micro organisations (0-9 employees)£300 +VAT
Small organisations (10-49 employees)£400 +VAT
Medium organisations (50-249 employees)£450 +VAT
Large organisations (250+ employees)£500 +VAT

The first time you ready yourself for your Cyber Essentials, it will generally cost the most in time and effort. This baseline of ensuring all the secure controls are put in place and proven will then form the basis of your certification for the future.

Network and staff security changes can be updated throughout the year, so by the time you apply for your annual certification, it’s a matter of checking your system changes are current and ready to be tested.

As new threats and technologies appear, you will be guided to update your preparedness.