Mac OS X Upgrade

Mac Upgrades and management

iMac and Mac Air

Upgrade your older mac, an ecofriendly way to get more out of your existing devices. Most macs still running, are capable of running the later and latest OS X, with better usability and security.

Identify your Mac Model

Let us add more RAM and an up-to-date hard drive for capacity and speed. Extend the life of your Apple machines.

We can add external monitors to expand your workspace, utilise external hubs for adding modern peripherals and introduce storage solutions to ensure your data is backed up. 

We can support of your creative and productivity apps like the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Office365, Gmail and more.

If you want to migrate from a generic mail host to a business solution like Gmail for business or Office365, we guarantee a painless shift from Apple Mail, Calendar and data to a new solution as your business grows.

Whether you’re solo or a small office, we’d love to advise and assist you.