Secure Email for secure users

When securing your business data – are your users aware that they can be the weakest link?

96% of phishing attacks arrive by email, 3% by web and 1% by text message.

Top 5 mail phishing subjects are:

Make your staff aware by training and phishing testing and consider using a cloud based security product to protect your email before it reaches your end users.

Let us provide email security as a standalone product or as part of a secure Office365 package for your staff. 24/7 global threat intelligence and machine learning algorithms to identify and analyse every email, this is mailbox protection at its best.

Our sophisticated solution from Vade defends against the most aggressive known & unknown phishing, spear phishing, malware & ransomware attacks.

Ensure your business is always protected with a layered security approach by contacting us for more information or advice.